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Chef's Table

Chef's Table

08 January - 14 March 2021

Be in the centre of things instead of on the sideline.

Max Herzog - our culinary director - treats guests of the Restaurant Romanoff to sophisticated traditional dishes and international specialities. Working together with his kitchen team, he whips up dishes with a great deal of charm and panache. With modern interpretations and clever combinations of dishes, Heros de Agostinis’ culinary creations evoke the most beautiful memories and at the same time constantly provide surprising new taste experiences.

Experience up close and personal what happens when craft, dedication and products come together in the kitchen. At the chef’s table, you’ll experience things live while enjoying a five-course meal accompanied by international wines.

This experience is exclusive and can only be booked with advance registration. There are no additional costs for the reservation. Only consumed food and drinks are charged.

Five-course dinner including accompanying wines

Five-course dinner including accompanying wines

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