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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

10 dicembre 2021 - 28 marzo 2022

A bath filled with senses in the middle of the forest.

If you long to escape the stress of your daily life and find profound inner peace, simply leave well-trodden paths behind and follow us into the winter landscape. Under the canopy of trees where we are different yet part of everything, we can just be human.

World-class ultra runner and qualified sports scientist Anne-Marie Flammersfeld knows how important it is to find balance and to open our eyes to what is essential. She explains how her success in her high-speed sport would not have been possible without (re)discovering slowness. As your personal coach, Anne-Marie Flammersfeld will take you forest bathing in the forests of the Engadine and show you how to use all your senses to find peace, relaxation and new strength.

The price per hour is CHF 180. For further details our concierges are glad to assist you at any time.

Forest bathing CHF 180 per hour

Forest bathing CHF 180 per hour

Ci può raggiungere su +41 81 836 70 00 o [email protected]

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